LED SL-RGBW 420 S-PMMAd-M8d-57

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Item Number:1-000000-07647
catalog number:15071145
Light Colour:5.700K
Main supply: 24 VDC
Dimmable: yes, external PWM
Protection class: 3
Power:3,4 - 33,9 W
Colour Rendering:Ra / CRI ≥ 80
Operating Temp: -20°C / +45°C
Connection Type : M8 4pol. a-codiert
Housing: Aluminium
Fastening: Starr
Product information "LED SL-RGBW 420 S-PMMAd-M8d-57"
The features of our SL Standard are supplemented by the signalling function of an RGB luminaire. Our SL-RGBW surface-mounted luminaire for illuminating and signalling is suitable for use in many industrial applications thanks to its vibration resistance, slim design and simple installation.
Connection Type: loop through, not loop through
Cover: PMMA diffuse
Lengths: 140 mm, 280 mm, 420 mm, 560 mm, 840 mm, 1120 mm, 1400 mm
Light Color: RGBW
Lumen (White): 483 lm, 672 lm, 966 lm, 1932 lm, 2899 lm, 3865 lm, 4830 lm
Power (White): 9,6 W, 12,9 W, 19,4 W, 38,7 W, 58,1 W, 77,5 W, 96,9 W
IP-Schutzart: IP40
Zulassung: CE, D, SK3, UKCA, UL
  • status indication, condition indication, filling level indication
  • work areas with limited space
  • machine room lighting